Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness


First time being pregnant? You’ve probably been warned about the morning sickness situation. It may not be as graphic as you think it is. 

Occurring during the first trimester, you’ll feel nauseous, and the tendency to vomit happens. Unlike its name, it doesn’t happen every morning and can strike any time of the day. Because of the surge of your hormones, you’ll become sensitive to strong smells.

It’s different for every expecting mother, but some do experience severe symptoms. 

Some women experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy and not just during the first trimester. Others wouldn’t even notice if they were experiencing it or not. 

Don’t worry too much about it because it’s normal for every woman who’s expecting. If the symptoms are unbearable, there are natural ways to help ease them. 

Try to combat morning sickness with these natural remedies.

Acupressure or acupuncture

This traditional Chinese medicine has been used to treat nausea and vomiting. This works because it applies pressure or tiny needles to specific nerves in your body and stimulates the nerve fibers. Because of that, it sends signals to your brain and spinal cord, which are believed to ease nausea. 



Eating small, frequent meals

It’s a no-no to have an empty stomach while you’re experiencing morning sickness because it will only make it worse. Nausea might make you lose your appetite, but your stomach must have something to digest throughout the day. You don’t have to force yourself to eat three heavy meals a day but eating small yet frequent meals will make do. Stick to healthy food options.

One thing to remember is to eat as soon as you wake up to alleviate the morning nausea. Prepare plain crackers, cereal, or any bland food option on your bedside table. 

Remember, though, to avoid eating fatty and greasy foods and very sweet or spicy dishes. Foods that will less likely cause your nausea are those dry foods (ex. Nuts, crackers, toast, cereal), high protein, salty, low-fat, bland, and carbohydrate-heavy.

Soothe it with Ginger

Ginger is popularly known to help remedy nausea and settle an upset stomach. It’s the most natural remedy you can have for your morning sickness. If you’re not too keen on eating the root itself, you can try alternatives like ginger tea, ginger candy, or ginger ale made with real ginger.

Tip: Ginger can be an alternative to anti-nausea medications when taken daily.


Exercise is highly encouraged for pregnant women, but nothing too extreme. Some find that this helps settle down the queasy feeling they have. Try taking a walk, joining prenatal yoga classes, or any physical activity that’s allowed by your ob-gyn.

Try Aromatherapy

Some experienced that smelling peppermint oil when they start feeling nauseous helps to reduce the feeling. 

Citrusy scents, like lemon or orange, also are an alternative to ease the queasy symptoms. It can either be essential oils or try taking a slice of the fresh fruit.

Relax your muscles

Getting a massage or through a technique called progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) will help with nausea that comes with morning sickness. 

Don’t worry too much about it, mama! The morning sickness will not last. So take care of your health, and wishing you a worry-free pregnancy.