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We are both HUGE advocates of breastfeeding and we believe in a natural approach to life and parenting.

Hi, and thanks for stopping by! We are Liz and Jade, and we are two moms who have a passion for helping other moms. We are both HUGE advocates of breastfeeding and we believe in a natural approach to life and parenting.

We are moms who are also advocates for other moms. We both struggled with milk production and while Jade is past her nursing days, she knows this product would’ve been helpful for her and while Liz is currently in the throes of nursing, she is a testament to how well these lactation support cookies work–sometimes a little too well… (P.S. the warnings are real, DO NOT overindulge in these cookies).

We are big believers in signs - so when we saw the opportunity to go into business together - we turned it into a reality! Jade is a nurse and a mom of three, and Liz is an account executive and mom of two with a Master’s in PR and Communication.

We couldn’t be more excited to support you on your Milkin’ journey and THANK YOU for supporting our small business. 

Meet Liz & Jade

The baker: Liz 

  1. I’m married to a smokin’ hot Moroccan 😍

  2. We have had 3 weddings

  3. We moved 7 times the first year we were married

  4. I have 2 children - Hunter (5) and Clara (1)

  5. I was an Au Pair in England and Spain 

  6. I have traveled to more than 15 countries

  7. I’ve know my best friends since 6th grade

  8. My Italian grandmother taught me to bake

  9. I’m a second generation American
  10. I have Italian and Swedish roots

  11. I completed my Master's in Scotland 

  12. I used to sell coupons 

  13. I lettered in swimming in high school 

  14. I’m a boy band junkie 

  15. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure 

Meet Liz & Jade

The mix maker: jade

1. I have 3 children (Lexi is 19 and in college, Gray is 16, and Newton is 7) 

2. I speak Spanish fluently (self taught) and have traveled to Mexico 3 times (the last time I was there for a month) and I have been on a mission trip to Honduras.

3. My life long dream is to travel to Greece 

4. I love farm animals and have raised goats, chickens, and had a pig named Jolene!

5. I have been in healthcare almost my entire life (I started volunteering every summer at the hospital hundreds of hours at the age of 14) 

6. I have several “best friends”, but two of my bestest best friends I’ve known my whole life. Kandi is my sister-cousin that was born 4 months after me the same year, and Kelly and I met at daycare at the age of five. 

7. I love to travel, and have visited almost all 50 states 

8. I was a band geek in middle and high school and played the Saxophone. 

9. I love to craft/DIY  

10. My 1st car was a straight drive and I LOVED it! 

11. I love to sing

12. My mom and I used to decorate cakes professionally

13. I am an avid Jim Shore collector

14. Liz and I met at the Infectious Disease office I was a nurse at, and bonded over 90 Day Fiancé! 

15. Christmas is my favorite holiday! 

Meet Liz & Jade

Oats are the most well-known breast milk makers. Eaten by nursing mamas worldwide and recommended by lactation consultants, oats are a nutritional powerhouse. Saponins — a compound that oats are full of — are antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, supporting the immune system. They also provide you with whole grains, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Rolled Oats

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Flax seeds provide essential Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Omega-3s are necessary for baby's brain development and easily pass from mother to baby through breast milk. Flax seeds also have phytoestrogens, which have been shown to influence milk production! And, of course, this little superfood is packed with fiber... and as you know, fiber is a girl's best friend.

Ground Flax Seeds

Chia seeds are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They are similar to flax in that they are loaded with fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Don't let these little seeds fool you - they pack a punch with plenty of high-quality protein and several essential minerals and antioxidants. Chia seeds are said to decrease risk factors for heart disease and diabetes and lead to better digestive health.

Chia Seeds

Coconut oil has multiple benefits when it comes to lactating mamas. Medical studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that moms who consumed coconut oil produced a higher concentration of healthy fatty acids in their breast milk. These fatty acids, known as lauric acids, are vital in helping babies stay protected from viruses and other unwanted illnesses.

coconut oil

Nuts, especially raw almonds, are healthy and full of protein and calcium. Many nursing mothers choose to eat almonds or drink almond milk to increase the creaminess, sweetness, and amount of their breast milk. Packed with protein, almonds are surprisingly a great source of calcium, which is a huge plus for the dairy-free mamas out there! 


Brown sugar is a combination of cane sugar and molasses. Molasses is extremely rich in minerals such as calcium, copper, and iron. The minerals are easy to absorb, as molasses is famous for increasing iron levels in iron-depleted mothers, which helps with fatigue and the prevention of anemia. Since straight molasses is not as palatable as some other galactagogues or milk-inducing foods, we chose to make a brown sugar out of it.

brown sugar

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giving back

 Milkin’ Cookie believes in helping mamas provide their babies with the vital nutrients from breastmilk.

We are proud to partner with various Level IV NICUs across the country and we support them by donating 10 percent of each of our sales to help mamas’ provide breast milk to their babies in NICU nurseries.