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two Moms with a passion for helping other Moms

We are both HUGE advocates of breastfeeding and we believe in a natural approach to life and parenting.

We are moms who are also advocates for other moms. We both struggled with milk production and while Jade is past her nursing days, she knows this product would’ve been helpful for her and while Liz is currently in the throes of nursing, she is a testament to how well these lactation support cookies work–sometimes a little too well… (P.S. the warnings are real, DO NOT overindulge in these cookies).

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Y’all. Seriously. With my previous 3 babies I never had a problem with production. But this time... Surprise!! Twins. There were certain parts of the day I had issues with supply and this was my answer. My first day I had a whole cookie and had an abundance in the evening. Now, I eat a half of a cookie and I’m golden every night with extra to stash in the freezer!!!

Taste delishhhhhhhhious! I love cookies! Wooowzer, my boobalicious were very happy after 1 cookie. Then I ate half of a half the next day and happy to announce the Milkin’ flow with a smaller amount Ingested. Amen! Ha had my husband eat a piece, I’ll leave the details to your imagination. Just kidding. ;) My daughter is content. Thank you!

These are the best lactation cookies in taste and boosting supply that I’ve had! I can definitely tell a difference in my milk supply (3+ more ounces a day!) when I’m pumping vs. not eating these!