Weaning is the process of transitioning from one type of food to another. It’s also the term used to describe a child’s transition from breastfeeding to a bottle, a cup, or solid food. When to Start Weaning The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages exclusive nursing for the first six months, followed by continued breastfeeding and […]

Before you can take care of your new baby, you need to take care of yourself first and your baby, even if she’s still in your womb. You can do this by keeping doctor’s appointments and living a healthy lifestyle while you’re pregnant. There’s a lot of advice out there, but we just want to […]

Creating a routine for your baby with regular feeds, naps, and fun activities can ease the life for both of you. I will share the four great ideas for creating a routine that works for you and your baby in this post. 1.Help Your Baby Distinguish Between Day And Night At first, most babies mix […]

Soon after you have a baby, you either use a machine or manually extract breastmilk from your body several times a day while working demanding jobs. You even do it when you are already exhausted, anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed and trying to prove to your employers that you’re “back at work.” Continuing to breastfeed after […]

Are you breastfeeding and planning for the best meals for you and your baby? Then this article is for you as we’ve rounded up the easy-to-prepare, tasty, and healthy meals for breastfeeding moms like you. Tips for Breastfeeding As a breastfeeding mom, you need to consume more calories to maintain your energy. The good news […]

Upon reading the headline, you may wonder, “Is there a list of do’s and don’ts when buying a baby shower gift?” Definitely, yes. There are a few quick rules to follow when choosing a baby shower gift for this new arrival. Moreover, the mommy will appreciate you for knowing the dos and don’ts. Do’s Personalize […]

Similar to how breastfeeding moms need to maintain their daily water intake, we need to be mindful of our calorie intake as well. This means us mamas need to eat more because we’re eating for two (yes, even at postpartum). Recommended additional caloric intake Generally, it is recommended that women (not pregnant and not breastfeeding) […]

Many moms have given birth via cesarean section (c-section). Either it being their own decision or due to medical necessity, the procedure has grown in popularity. In the U.S., 31.9% of births are through c-section. Whether the birth was through a vaginal delivery or via c-section, it takes a great deal of effort to bring […]

The beauty of breastfeeding shouldn’t have to end when your baby reaches the recommended age by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Breastfeeding is fundamental to child survival, nutrition, development, and fosters mother-infant emotional bonds and a sense of security. It holds benefits for both mom and baby to their overall health. Now that you’ve […]

You’re finally at the last stretch of your pregnancy, mama. Everyone’s excited for the little one’s imminent arrival. The nursery is painted.  The car carrier/seat is installed.  You could not jam a single additional set of onesies into the dresser.  You have it all done & ready to go.  This is the perfect time to […]