How Our Ambassador Program Works:

You’ll receive a coupon for one pack of free cookies each month. You can use this for yourself or give it away to your followers

1. You’ll receive a unique discount code to share with your followers for 20% off their first order.

2. We will give you a generous 10% commission on every sale that comes from your discount code.

3. We will repost the stories you tag @milkincookie to our own audience, creating more brand awareness for you.

4. We will provide monthly pay-outs (once you hit $20) on any sales you make.

What We Will Leave Up To You:

Post four different stories per month or more if you like 😊

OPTION - Make an in-feed post about our product, the benefits, or how you love it!

The more you talk about our product leading up to giving out any discount codes the more sales you will generate. 
The idea is to talk about the product for a few weeks before mentioning any discount codes.

Just make sure you tag our Instagram page, @themilkincookie, on any story you put up!

Become a Brand Ambassador

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benefits & happy clients

Increases the amount of milk you produce

 Increases the nutrients you pass on to your baby

Helps to reduce mama’s breastfeeding stress

The Original Coconut Oil Lactation Cookie

Makes a great gift

Extended shelf life

Tastes amazing



Lactation consultant recommended 


U.S. Produced

“These cookies do an amazing job I don’t think I would still be feeding my son because of my low supply.”

“Yum these cookies are amazing and my milk supply has def gone back up.”

“These are the best lactation cookies in taste and boosting supply that I’ve had!"

"I can definitely tell a difference in my milk supply (3+ more ounces) when I’m pumping vs. not eating these!”