Self care as a new mama

You’ve probably seen in movies where moms with newborns are in slacks all day, rugged hair, dark under eyes, and just visibly tired. Or maybe you’ve heard stories from your mom friends about what it was like after the baby was brought home.

Being a first-time mom might be too overwhelming for you and you’ll have no energy left to think about yourself because all attention is now focused on the little one. Definitely a big no-no, Mom!  You need to take care of yourself too! Looking out for yourself will also be a big benefit to your baby (believe it or not). You need that self-care, that personalized TLC.

We know it’s challenging juggling everything at home with a baby. And we also know that every time the word self-care comes up, some would say it’s too expensive to maintain such a routine. But you know what? You don’t need to spend much to give yourself some TLC. What we want you to do is to see that you’re healthy – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Self-care means that you’re setting aside enough time to look after your whole self so you can have the energy (& spirit) to conquer your busiest days. As you are now one of the prime caretakers of your newborn,  you must maintain your well-being.

Here’s a self-care checklist for the new mamas.

  • Keep yourself hydrated (very important for the breastfeeding mom)

  • Eat to achieve your needed dietary needs (calories, vitamins, minerals, etc.)

  • Get your body moving and get those endorphins rushing – exercise, talk a quick walk around the block, etc.

  • Sleep – when the baby’s napping get some Zzzs too

  • Take a hot or cold shower

  • Give yourself some quiet time

  • Get started on a hobby (challenging, but it’s healthy to have interests beyond the baby)

  • Get a haircut, a mani-pedi, or go to the spa (if you’re feeling the need to spend a little)

  • Find a community of new moms and chat with them

  • Talk to your friends and family

  • Ask/accept help

  • Get on a skincare routine


You can follow this list, make your own, or add more things you can do for your self-care time. Find your own rhythm. You’ll be a pro at self-care in no time!

It’s gonna be challenging, but we can’t stress how imperative these steps happen to be. As soon as you see opportunities to calm yourself down for a few minutes, do it. It’s like the golden time for you and will dramatically benefit the household as a whole.