What to put in a Daycare Bag

The little one’s about to go to daycare and mama’s preparing to go back to work. If you’re a breastfeeding mom from the start, we know you’re concerned about how to keep giving your baby your breast milk while being away from each other during the workweek.

Already got a plan? Awesome!  Make sure you’re aware or you’ve listed what you need to pack, THE essentials, and you’ve talked with the caregivers from your baby’s daycare to make sure everyone is on the same page. Go over the feeding times, how much breast milk should be given every feeding, or if you’re little one consumes different amounts of milk per feeding. And the most important thing you shouldn’t forget is a trusted daycare bag that will fit everything you’ll be preparing.

Tip: Prepare everything the night before to prevent yourself from rushing in the morning and the inevitable crisis of forgetting something important. Here’s your daycare bag checklist so you don’t forget anything!

Labeled pumped milk

There are two ways you can store the pumped milk, either in a breast milk storage bags or you pump directly into the bottle your baby usually drinks from. There are bottles that can be screwed into your breast pump or an adapter to help attach it to the pump.  Make sure to label them showing the volume of the milk and the date it was expressed, this helps the daycare know which milk should be given first. Plus, don’t forget to store the milk in a breast milk cooler to make sure it’s kept cool and to avoid spoiling.

Extra clean bottles

Be sure to pack extras too. This way it’s easier for the daycare personnel to prepare and warm the milk using a container that YOU KNOW has been sterilized before giving the bottle to your little one. It’s also an easier way for them to track how much milk they consumed for the day. Pack as well extra nipples and caps just to be sure.  Everything should be labeled to avoid misplacement/loss.


Cleaning wipes, alcohol, or sanitizer 

Nowadays, we should be extra sure about including cleaning/sanitizing materials. Pack in some cleaning wipes, alcohol, sanitizers, etc. inside the daycare bag. It’s best practice to keep everything clean and hygienic for your baby’s health. It’s super convenient for on-the-go cleaning especially for those products that come into contact with breast milk like nipples, breast pump parts, and similar things.

Additional: Extra diapers, clothes, bibs, etc.

We always make sure we have everything prepared and it’s not “everything” without the extra diapers, clothes, and bibs just in case. We want everyone taking care of our child at the daycare to have no problems whatsoever. Best be prepared for everyone’s convenience.

We know you mama, you double check everything, big kudos to you! You’ll get the hang of this routine so don’t worry about it. You can still continue your breastfeeding journey even as you go back to work and baby’s in daycare.  Just be mindful of what you are packing and don’t hesitate to inquire with other working moms what unconventional items they felt also benefitted being included within their breastfeeding daycare bags.