Working From Home, With Baby

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Most of us could indeed be millionaires if we received a nickel for every time we hear “new normal” or “pivot,” but the reality is that working parents are facing a “pivot” as they embrace a “new normal” for both their families and careers (and, you’re welcome for earning you another dime).

Even with the most helpful partners, the pressure to perform maternal and professional duties is felt most by moms. While there is no best way to go about things, here are some ideas to help you work from home with your baby.



1. Make a To-Do List

Sure, it feels #basic, but starting your day with a to-do list immediately makes you the manager of your day. Here’s where to make it your own: maybe you sleep better if you unload your brain before collapsing into bed, or maybe you wake up a few minutes before you little, eager to jot down what you want to accomplish. However you prefer, creating a to-do list will give you a tangible roadmap and show you, at the end of the day, just how much you’ve done. We all need daily wins right now, yes or yes?

2. Create a Loose But Rigid Schedule

The big sister of the to-do list is a schedule. Think one step beyond your list and start to assign times to what you want to get done. Work in some grace with yourself by assigning rigid times to some things (naptime, conference calls, feedings) and flexibility around others (a walk, playtime, answering emails). This method ensures that you won’t feel suffocated by your day if something doesn’t work for you in the morning, but that you’re not missing key things like a department webinar.

3. Maximize Nap Time

“They,” say to sleep when the baby’s sleeping, but we know that working moms need to maximize those magical hours. Use those few quiet hours and plow through your inbox. We highly recommend giving yourself a mental break, too, by enjoying a lunch computer-free. Light a candle and set yourself a spot at the table, or take it to the couch and tune into the latest season of Housewives. Reset and remind yourself that you’re human. Remember mama, you can do it all, but not all at once.  Allow yourself to be a fully engaged employee while you’re completing work tasks and truly enjoy those fun, sweet times that are all-too-fleeting with your little one. 

Let your email stew while you play another peek-a-boo, let your partner handle bath time while you polish that presentation, and enjoy some extra snuggles on the couch while the Instant Pot does the cooking.