Nesting Do’s + Dont’s

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There are lots of ways to prepare for the arrival of your little one. In those last few weeks of pregnancy, towards the end of the third trimester, you might feel the urge to tidy and organize the house. This is a process called nesting. Humans are not the only ones to do this! Turtles, squirrels, and owls are only a few of the many animals that behave this way before their babies arrive. While this burst of energy may allow you to do some tasks around the house, there are definitely some things to avoid in the process. We’ve put together a nesting guide with some essential do’s & don’t so you can nest without worry.


  • Fill your pantry. Once the baby comes, you won’t be spending a lot of time in the grocery store. It is a good idea to stock up on staples like soups, nuts, and other convenient treats. This activity is an easy way to feel like you’re getting prepared while not over exerting yourself. 

  • Load up some laundry. Take advantage of your pre-baby time and do a couple loads of laundry. Towels, comforters or duvet covers, sheets, and other daily use deserve some TLC before you become consumed with your baby’s needs. 

  • Meal prep + Cook in quantity. Once your little one arrives, finding time to cook might be a challenge. Something that can really help alleviate some stress, is meal prepping and cooking in advance. For some helpful tips on meal planning before baby arrives, check out our blog post! 




  • Don’t climb/overreach. You might feel up to doing things around the house but it’s important to be safe. Recruit some help for things that require climbing or ladders so you don’t risk hurting yourself. 

  • Don’t lift anything too heavy. Setting up a crib, building a dresser, or other activities that might mean heavy lifting is a big no. Any strain is advised against especially so close to labor and delivery. Whenever you can, ask for help! 

  • Don’t go too long without a break. It can be easy to get caught up in your to do list but don’t neglect taking a break. Make sure you snack often and take frequent breaks. It is okay to take advantage of the last few weeks before you welcome your baby into the world but take care of yourself too! 

With these tips and tricks you can nest away without worry! There’s a lot you can do safely to prep for your little one but also don’t be afraid to ask for assistance with some of the more strenuous tasks. Take care and stay safe mama!