10 Tips for Traveling With Baby


Are you a new mama getting ready to travel for Thanksgiving? Taking your first trip with baby is a momentous occasion! You may be feeling a little scared, a little excited, and a lotta nervous. But don’t worry, mama. Traveling with baby doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be fun! It just requires a bit of extra planning. 

Here are ten tips for you as you prepare for your next adventure:

  1. Travel light

    The lighter you travel, the easier your trip will be. It’s exhausting hauling a bunch of junk you don’t actually need around and unpacking & re-packing it all every time you move. Consider how often you’ll be moving about, and pack accordingly. If you’re driving your own car, no problem; house all your stuff in your car! But, if you’re going to be train or plane hopping, that’s not a viable option. When in doubt, keep it simple!

  2. Bring a carry on

    Ok, I know we said pack light, but always have a carry on with you, because if your luggage gets lost you’ll still have all of baby’s necessities on you. Don’t forget to pack diaper cream, onesies, socks, bottles, binkies, books, snacks, toys, etc.

  3. Don’t forget the headphones

    The announcements on the plane can be so loud and upset baby. Pack those noise canceling headphones so he can keep sleeping peacefully!

  4. Leave the pump at home

    Pumps are expensive; wouldn’t it be awful if it broke while traveling?? They’re also a pain to pack and carry. What’s a breastfeeding girl to do? Consider using a hand pump instead! (And don’t forget your cookies!)

  5. Think white noise

    Find a good app on your phone that provides white noise. Baby is going to be in a new place with new noises (sometimes loud noises!), and something as simple as a rain noise can help him/her settle into the new environment.

  6. Download baby shows and apps

    When you’re stuck on an airplane or in a car with a screaming baby, don’t feel bad about pulling out the phone and putting on baby’s favorite YouTube show. There are also several baby game apps for phone or iPad to keep baby distracted. If you’re anti-screen, try those indestructible cardboard books!

  7. Wear your baby

    It’s so much easier than a stroller! You can move around easily, navigate stairs, and you don’t have to worry about folding, packing, and carrying the stroller. Plus, baby loves being close to you!

  8. Ask for a crib at the hotel or AirBnB

    A lot of hotels and AirBnB’s can provide a pack ‘n play or proper crib. The only way to know is to ask! Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to haul that thing around? It’s also important to note that cribs in hotels usually have no bumpers, so bring your own if you want to keep your normal night routine!

  9. Have travel insurance and locate the local doctor / emergency room

    You never know when something small or big might happen while you’re traveling, from fevers to constipation. Better to be safe than sorry, and your travel insurance will likely easily reimburse you for doctor/ER expenses. Also, be sure to research the doctors at your destinations.

  10. Breastfeed anywhere

    You can’t be shy about breastfeeding while traveling. Now’s your chance to breastfeed in cabs, airports, trains, museums, cafes, beaches, etc! Ok, ok, that might not exactly sound appealing, but don’t be afraid to breastfeed anywhere. Be sure to wear loose shirts to make breastfeeding while traveling just a leeetle bit easier.



There you have it. That’s it. You’re ready to get out into that big, wide world and bring baby with you. Toss out your expectations and embrace the journey, wild and wacky as it may be. Because it will be wild and wacky. But it will be such great fun!