10 Gift Ideas for Mama and Baby


Are you a spouse, significant other, family member, or best friend struggling with what to get for the new mom in your life? We have ten perfect gift ideas for you that mom and baby will love and that won’t require you to spend hours browsing overpriced baby stores. 

gLet’s be honest, your friend/significant other/coworker doesn’t need another onesie. Baby is going to grow out of it in a few weeks anyway! Instead, get her items that she’ll need or something but won’t get for herself because she’s a selfless mom putting a dozen needs above her own.

(Mamas – your needs and wants are important, too!)

Read on for ideas that will show the moms in your life just how much you love them and want to help them during this new season! 

For Mama

  1. Gift Cards Get her a gift card to Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, restaurants, etc. Gift cards are way more thoughtful than most people think. It gives her the power to choose what to spend the money on. You don’t have to do a fancy restaurant. I mean, Steak ‘N Shake isn’t fancy but have you had their milkshakes? Alllll the heart eye emojis!

  2. Dates – Whether it’s a shopping date, concert tickets, going to the movies, or just running errands, this mama could use some support. Local comedy shows, live music, and craft nights are a great idea! Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to chat with while you’re out doing ordinary tasks. Plus, pregnancy brain is real – you could simply help her make a list of things she needs at the store and make sure she gets everything!

  3. Gift Basket – Fill a basket with spa goodies, treats, lip balm, lotion, etc. Tip: Find our what makeup products she uses and put those in your gift basket. It will save her (or her partner) a trip from going to the store.

  4. Gift Box – Get her a subscription to a monthly gift box like Fab Fit Fun, CAUSEBOX, or a book/wine of the month club. It gives her something to look forward to every month – and it’s personalized just for her! So whether she’s into food, books, clothes, or makeup, there’s a perfect box out there that she is going to love. 

  5. Massage or Spa/Salon Day – Give mom a few hours of peace and make sure she takes care of herself! (Because #selfcare). We can only rock the messy bun and chipped nails for so long, and that headband is only going to cover so much of those roots. Sometimes all it takes is some TLC to make us feel like superwoman again.



For Baby

Now that mom is taken care of, time to focus on baby! Let’s face it, you’ve been dying for baby snuggles and will fight anyone who tries to hold them longer than the timer you guys set..anyways…we came up with a list of gifts that will be perfect for baby or for mama post-birth.  

  1. Baby Room Essentials – Is the nursery all ready? If not, see what else needs to be done. Does the crib need to be set up? Does mama still need bedding, books, bibs, bottles, night lights, a baby monitor or a nursing chair? Is the house babyproof? Outlet covers, baby gates, and corner cushions are a must!

  2. Scrapbook – The day she tells you she’s pregnant, start taking photos and notes! Take a photo on the day she tells you she’s expecting, a day she looks beautiful, the day she starts to show, and so on. This is her journey into motherhood. Take notes of the things that made her laugh and things she craved. Baby books will document everything about the pregnancy and baby’s first year. Make sure mom has a way to record all the memories. (Never shopped with Emily Ley before?

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  3. Diapers + Wipes – We all know how much of an expense diapers are. Get her a few boxes past the newborn stage (size 1 + 2, pleeeease!) so she is prepared.

  4. Homemade Gifts – Who can resist baby hand and footprints? Get her fun craft kits that she can make at home. Or knit her a baby blanket! Also, during the holidays ornaments and other trinkets are a good way to go! 

  5. Meals – Offer your services in the kitchen to cook for the family when things are hectic. Or simply make a few meals that can be stored in the freezer. Not sure what to cook? We wrote a blog for that! Or, you could gift her with meals right to her doorstep with Green Chef (yummmmm). Use our code for $55 off your order!

These gifts are perfect for baby showers, post-birth celebrations, or “just because.” And, you won’t have to break the bank – we know you’re going to be spoiling this baby for a long time!