If you feel concerned about how much milk your baby is getting, while exclusively breastfeeding, you aren’t alone.  It’s a natural response to worry if your baby is getting enough milk – after all there are no markers telling you how ‘full’ or ‘empty’ your breasts are, wouldn’t that be nice though? One […]

Breastfeeding benefits for babies has been well documented and understood by doctors and mama’s alike.  More recently, health benefits for women have also been discovered. However, despite their best efforts, many women experience issues with low supply. Because breasts work on the basic principle of ‘supply and demand’, using a breast pump is often highly encouraged. […]

  Let me start by saying, I am biased – I love coconut oil!As a matter of fact, it’s one of the main INGREDIENTS Milkin’ Cookies’ products. Coconut Oil + Pregnancy Throughout my pregnancy, I used coconut oil to help my itchy growing belly.  It smelled so good and helped to hydrate my skin while avoiding stretch […]