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Y’all. Seriously. With my previous 3 babies I never had a problem with production. But this time... Surprise!! Twins. There were certain parts of the day I had issues with supply and this was my answer. My first day I had a whole cookie and had an abundance in the evening. Now, I eat a half of a cookie and I’m golden every night with extra to stash in the freezer!!!

Taste delishhhhhhhhious! I love cookies! Wooowzer, my boobalicious were very happy after 1 cookie. Then I ate half of a half the next day and happy to announce the Milkin’ flow with a smaller amount Ingested. Amen! Ha had my husband eat a piece, I’ll leave the details to your imagination. Just kidding. ;) My daughter is content. Thank you!

These are the best lactation cookies in taste and boosting supply that I’ve had! I can definitely tell a difference in my milk supply (3+ more ounces a day!) when I’m pumping vs. not eating these!